Completely Blown Away- Largest Balcony for this 4 Bedroom

The current times of pandemic has certainly taught us a few lessons, one of the important lessons is to have sufficient indoor and outdoor space within your apartment, should you get stranded at home for long. Delhiites learnt this lesson well, during pandemic, most Delhiites were stuck within the four walls of their builder floor, not even having the opportunity to step down to some common area for a stroll, it was just home and then the roads. which were obviously locked down. Realizing this problem of space, no wonder most of the buying in Gurgaon post pandemic lock downs has been happening from people living in Delhi wanting to move to larger spaces with more open areas in Gated Communities with common facilities and better green areas etc. Lets see how Bestech Altura addresses this in a stylish way of introducing one of the largest balconies in an apartment that does not burn a hole in the pocket.

Bestech Altura is coming up as a great project with early delivery. But this post is all about The balcony of this 4 bedroom apartment at Bestech Altura and is something to really talk about, the size is totally amazing, stretches the entire length of the apartment offering openings to multiple rooms of the apartment and offers a huge space for entertaining guests as a spill over from the living/dining area. In my 20 years of living in Gurgaon, I haven’t yet seen such a huge size of Balcony. It’s totally amazing what one can do in this space.

The sheer size of this humungous balcony of this 4 bedroom apartment at Bestech Altura makes the apartment so roomy with tons of extra space to do a lot more in your apartment. Wrapped around most of the rooms within the apartment, offering the opportunity for openings from all rooms into an open space. With some bit of creativity, one can easily place planters at different intervals to create even privacy from one room’s balcony to another’s and still enjoy the vastness of space.

Check out some pictures & videos of this huge balcony.

Bestech Altura 4 BHK Apartment

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