Is Bestech Altura a good investment? Expert Views

As a thumb rule, real estate experts have one important saying that goes around “Real Estate Investment is all about Location”. While this is true, we believe that in India, “Real Estate Investment is all about Credibility & Security.” After all, being a large capital investment, you are likely to put in your hard earned money and life savings to own a property. Investing into real estate can be tricky as well as rewarding. If you way the pros and cons of investing into a specific asset, you have better chances that your investment will be fruitful and rewarding. Over the past years, a lot of people in Gurgaon ended up investing in the wrong assets for two primary reasons. First was peer pressure or peer advise and second was fear of loosing out. Investing into a property just because one of your family member has invested into it without analysing if it fits your needs or aspirations or goals can be disastrous when it comes to making prudent investments. There are so many examples of people losing money and peace of mind because they simply jumped into investments, simply because one of the family member or friend was investing into it. The primary goal for you as an investor should be to invest in a secure asset that grows over a period of time. Bestech Altura is a residential project being developed by Bestech Group which has to it’s credit, multiple good quality delivered projects with happy customers in Gurgaon. Needless to mention other important aspects like Bestech Altura Location being promising and the Bestech Altura Apartment Layouts being well crafted and designed. The specifications at Bestech Altura are also hand picked and good quality. As far as Construction Quality of Bestech Altura goes, it is definitely a no compromise construction, considering the fact that Bestech has inhouse construction and design capabilities owing to their own construction business. Not to mention that the promoters are themselves civil engineers and know the business in and out and have in the past proven their intent and ability to deliver good quality products.

One of the most important aspect while investing into real estate is the safety and security of the capital deployed. Profits or Losses should be a secondary consideration, the primary goal should be to make sure that the capital you are deploying is in safe hands and the asset you plan to invest in is Rock Solid, this obviously plays a much bigger role if you are acquiring a property which is under construction or at nascent stage of construction. Should this be the case, it becomes extremely important to choose the developer with good credibility and track record. Bestech in that respect has had a clean record with quality deliveries across all their projects, be it residential or commercial. This certainly is one of the most important aspect that you should consider before investing into Bestech Altura as an investment or a home to live in.

As far as the specific project Bestech Altura goes, it definitely is a promising place to live and invest because of various reasons as described in multiple blog posts here. Please feel free to go through the expert insights and make a prudent decision on your investments.

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