Is the Location of Bestech Altura worth Living?

Bestech Altura Location is in Sector 79 of Gurgaon, which is interesting because it still remains on SPR and not having to cross the NH-8 towards Manesar Suburb. Apart from this there are multiple trigger points that are likely to add even better connectivity and add value to the location. Over the past 20 years, Gurgaon has constantly been ever changing when it comes to new infrastructure, new sectors or new roads etc. What may have seemed far fetched location and people commenting things like “Who is going to live there?” or “That’s too far out”, only realized that if they had invested in some of the key locations then, there investment would have grown multi fold. In 2003-2004, Sohna Road used to be barren without any infrastructure, just a small road with no developments around. In 2007-2008, Golf Course Extension Road was a far fetched dream and no where in sight, in fact there was no access road beyond Golf Course Road. Manesar Suburb was unheard of and there existed only Industrial township of Manesar at that time. Anyone who had invested in assets back then, most certainly went laughing to the bank. Time is witness to the changing landscape of Gurgaon and the way things have moved and so have been some of the expert realtors who have spent more than 20 years serving the real estate needs in Gurgaon.

Here is what Seasoned Realtors like Harry Singh, who has been part of the industry for over 20 years had to say:

“The location of Bestech Altura most certainly holds a promise for anyone wanting to live a comfortable life without having to spend too much. From a living point of view, it is a very peaceful and scenic location with the views of the Aravalis from the apartments at Bestech Altura. From an investment point of view, the more interesting aspects to consider are the trigger points that are already visible for this location, like to the new connecting road from SPR to the project. Apart from this, the fact that DLF owns a major chunk of land in the vicinity of SPR there is a likelihood for another Cyber City kind of development along with some high end residential projects in this vicinity. Which is likely to boost the prices in this area. One can already see multiple large size commercial buildings and shopping malls along the SPR that is enabling a healthy ecosystem to live, work and play. To top it all, the credibility of Bestech as a Group is one of the most important aspects to make sure that the investor money is in rock solid hands. All these factors put together, I would say definitely makes for a good choice to live and invest.”

Excerpts of Interview with Mr. Harry Singh

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