Is there a Badminton Court in Bestech Altura

Badminton is a popular sport in India and any community without a good badminton court feels incomplete. At Bestech Altura, there is not only outdoor badminton, but also Indoor Badminton court which can be enjoyed by the residents without having to worry about wind getting in the way of your sport. The club house at Bestech Altura hosts a fully equipped badminton court to help residents of all ages to enjoy playing badminton as a sport. Not only is Badminton a great way to release stress but also a fantastic way for keeping healthy and fit.

Keeping fit with a sports activity is much more gratifying and pleasurable than using other methods of fitness like Gymnasiums & Weight Training etc. as it develops more strategic skills as well as helps learn team playing abilities as well as sense of accomplishment.

New to Badminton? Check out the Rules of the Badminton Game Here.

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