Guava Orchards

Kids these days are so pre-occupied with gadgets etc., that they have kind of lost touch with the basics of mother nature. A survey was conducted, where in kids were asked to explain how food is created that comes on the table. It was actually a surprising revelation that most of the kids are so disconnected with the basics, that most of them simply answered that “we get food from Groceries”. At Bestech Altura, care has been taken to create an environment that is healthy and opens up a different kind of learning for the kids with fruit plantations like Guava Orchards.

It is important to keep our next generations as much grounded to reality as we can. At Bestech Altura, there have been carefully crafted areas for fruit plantations like Guava Orchards, for kids to explore how mother earth or mother nature provides for all our needs and how fruits grow and then come on to our table for eating and giving us energy. A subtle way of educating kids, while simply taking a walk within your residential community can help kids become more aware of how things work in mother nature.

There are many such facilities at Bestech Altura that have been carefully thought through and crafted within the community to enhance lifestyle. Some of them include the sports facilities at Bestech Altura, while other may be very subtle amenities and facilities that help in overall living experience.

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