Tee Putting

Tee Putting is an interesting way to start exploring Golf as a Hobby or a Sport. One of the ways to get yourself started on this wonderful luxury sport. Also is an interesting way to get the young ones interested in Golfing to be taken up as a sport later on in life. It is believed that when children start learning a sport early on, the chances of them excelling at it is much higher. Tee Putting at Bestech Altura can be that one starting point and a bonding time together for the family to try your hands at the Golf ball. It can also be used as a competitive sport within other children groups or can be enjoyed together as a family.

While there are multiple other sport facilities at Bestech Altura that one could explore, Tee Putting is also one of such activities that have been planned at Bestech Altura to go further in creating a quality lifestyle within Altura. There is a space planned for Tee Putting at The Altura for the residents to enjoy.

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