Sand Pits for Kids

Younger Kids love Sand Pits !! For them these are like their own little private space, where they can chill without the fear of getting hurt. Sand makes it easier for them to enjoy the outdoors with the soft landing that they get on the sand instead of playing on hard surfaces, which could be potentially dangerous. Across the entire community at Bestech Altura, there are multiple places where one can see these sand pits being created for the love of kids. This space lets younger kids to enjoy the outdoors with ease. While there are multiple Sports Activities at Bestech Altura for the older kids and adults, Sand Pits have been created to make it fun for the young ones. Some of these sand pits are also curated along side some swings and other kids play zones within Bestech Altura.

A lot of learning happens when they interact with other kids apart from unleashing their creativity while trying to build their own sand castles. One of the most important and truly magnificent feature of Living in a quality gated residential community is the subtle learning that happens in the play areas while kids learn soft skills and life skills while interacting with their peers. It is interesting to note that most of the things kids learn through the formal education are of academic in nature, while the skills learnt while interacting with other kids from different backgrounds and schools happen within a gated residential community and that too in a safe environment within the guarded compounds of your residential society.

Learning how to deal with various emotions, learning other softer skills and sense of competition or learning to win or lose gracefully is all part of the play that happens at The Sand Pits.

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