Children’s Play Area

One thing that you will find at Bestech Altura is the focus on making sure that there is always something for the young children at almost every nook and corner. Various Children’s play areas have been curated in the vicinity of each tower to make sure that your loved ones are never too far away from your reach. Interestingly, there are also Stilt Activities that have been planned on the Stilt Level/Ground Floor Level of each tower, where kids can play various sports with each other.

Children’s play areas with proper soft landing floors, sand pits and many other such areas with swings, slides, seesaws and other interactive fun elements for the younger ones have been created at Bestech Altura to make sure that they enjoy living in this carefully curated residential community.

Needless to mention that these spaces are where kids learn to interact, learn soft skills and the learn how to deal with kids to enhance emotional well being.

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