Bestech Altura Possession

One of the most important factors while acquiring a residential apartment is the possession timeframe. Considering that no one wants to pay rent as well as EMIs at the same time. We understand this dilemma and for that reason there are two benefits that you can get by owning an apartment at Bestech Altura. As far as the Bestech Altura Possession is concerned, firstly, the project is nearing completion, all the civil hard hat work is almost over, the structures are all up and visible.

We encourage you to come and see the exact stage that the project is at the moment and you will be convinced of an early delivery yourself. Secondly, we have devised a payment plan that will address the issue of Rent and EMI coming together by offering you flexi payment plans at Bestech Altura.

We would love to have you to come and explore the apartment community and see what is brewing at Bestech Altura, first be convinced about the quality of home that you would like to buy and be convinced about the location. We will be happy to offer the best possible flexibility to make sure that you own your own apartment at The Altura.

What is the expected delivery for Bestech Altura Apartments?

The expected delivery for Bestech Altura Apartments is early as the building structures are all complete and many of the aspects of the community are being worked upon and finishing activity is in full swing. The expected delivery for Bestech Altura is by September to December 2022.

Construction Status

Bestech Altura Construction is in full swing and at advanced stage. Stay tuned to more Bestech Altura Construction Status updates here. The expected possession timelines are as early as October to December 2022. The building structures are all ready and the internal finishing work is going on. The work is happening at a fairly fast…

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