Sports Activities

Bestech Altura Sports Activities

There are a host of Sports Activities planned to make life fun for all ages. An exclusive club spread over 18,000 sq.ft. for the residents hosts multiple facilities to make sure that you can unwind the way you like at the Altura Club House. Apart from the indoor activities, there is a lot more to do at Bestech Altura.

The designers of facilities at Bestech Altura is a team that has catered to all age groups and residents with varied kinds of interests, starting from the High Energy Gyms, Tennis Courts to the Nature Walks, Reading Huts, Yoga Huts for those who appreciate a slightly slower pace of things. Along with this there are a host of Sports Activities that have been curated to make sure that there is something for everyone at Bestech Altura.

What’s more? Every tower has a Stilt Area which acts as an extension to the Club House offering multiple stilt area facilities within each tower, but not restricted for use by other tower residents too.

List of Sports Activities at Bestech Altura

Bestech Altura Sports Activities

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